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Stammtisch Manchester provides a regular meeting place for Germans in Manchester who are native German speakers but we are also very keen to encourage people to learn German or to build on their existing German language skills.

Before each Stammtisch, those learning German are encouraged to meet up with fellow beginners to practice. Usually a German teacher or native speaker will be present to help you on your way. These meet ups are not formal lessons, but rather they will offer an opportunity to talk about learning German (in English!). Also, they will be a stress-free environment to test out the German you do know! Building up the confidence to have a go is milestone on the path to learning a language.

The beginners’ sessions are held in collaboration with www.youspeakgerman.com, a unique audio based German language course; a straightforward way to learn.

FREE FIRST LESSON – Lesson 1 is free. Why not listen to YSGC1L1, the first audio lesson, and start learning German now!

If you want to take part, please sign up as normal using the list of forthcoming Stammtisch meetings, and include a comment to say that you will be arriving at 7.15pm for the beginners’ session.

Please note, following the beginners’ session, our normal Stammtisch will continue in German from 8pm onwards.

Viel Spaß!

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