Deutsches Brot in Manchester?

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Frisches Brot

A recurrent point of discussion at the Stammtisch in Manchester is about bread – and where to find it!

Newcomers to Stammtisch in Manchester often ask where German style bread is available. Although the reputation of English bread is not very high amongst Germans, there are many high quality bakers around who supply a wide variety of bread sorts.

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We are lucky to even have some members who bake bread and can share tips and, on occasions, freshly baked bread makes its way to our Stammtisch in Manchester.

Maybe people could use the comments area below to make their own recommendations of where to buy bread in Manchester and the surrounding area.

Obviously, preferences in bread are totally individual, so we can’t guarantee all suggestions will please everyone. Taste is not only a personal preference, there are also cultural and historical reasons for us liking what we like. But it certainly could be fun trying the various breads out.

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Hallo zusammen

Willkommen zum Stammtisch Manchester.

Unser Stammtisch bietet Deutschen, die in England wohnen, studieren oder hier zu Besuch sind, sowie allen Anderen, die gerne Deutsch sprechen, die Gelegenheit, sich mit Gleichgesinnten zu treffen.

Wir treffen uns alle zwei Wochen, Donnerstags, um 20.00 Uhr im Waterhouse Pub (Wetherspoons) im Stadtzentrum von Manchester.

Gäste sind immer willkommen. Wir freuen uns!